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Країна:  Велика Британія
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QVC UK - опис, огляд, рейтинг

QVC UK is a television shopping channel broadcast in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1993 when QVC, Inc. agreed a deal with Sky TV to create a UK version of the US channel. "QVC

QVC UK онлайн прямий ефір

BBC Alba  Велика Британія / Громадське Тв
BBC Alba is a Scottish Gaelic language digital television channel jointly owned by the BBC and MG Alba. The channel was launched on 19 September 2008

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MTA  Велика Британія / Релігійний
Muslim Television Ahmadiyya is the global satellite TV network consisting of 4 international channels run and funded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim

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BBC Parliament  Велика Британія / Уряд
BBC Parliament is a British television channel which broadcasts live and recorded coverage of the House of Commons, House of Lords and Select

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BBC Three  Велика Британія / Новини
BBC Three was a British television channel operated by the BBC. Launched on 9 February 2003 as a replacement for BBC Choice, the service's remit was

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S4C  Велика Британія / Місцеве ТВ
S4C is a Welsh-language public-service television channel based in Cardiff and broadcast throughout Wales.

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LoveWorld TV  Велика Британія / Релігійний
Loveworld TV has the vision of impacting the world with the good news of Jesus Christ, taking the divine presence of God to the peoples of the world.

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